Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Trevor and Carrie- Idaho Photographer

Last month was Infant and Pregnancy loss awareness month so it was only fitting that we took these pictures then. 
This is my dear, dear friend, Carrie. 
She is a warrior mama who has lost 3 sweet little babies in the last year. 
With each new pregnancy, excitement would build and hopes would grow,
then several weeks later, it all would crumble. 
I wept for her and my heart broke for her and every last time she would pick herself up and continue on with that infectious smile on her face. 
She would help me through my own trials and continue to care about my life even in the midst of such devastation.
 I am truly blessed to know her and count her as a friend. 
You can see through these pictures what a truly beautiful person she is and how wonderful they are as a couple. 
She will have her babies someday and they will be crazy lucky to have her and Trevor as parents. 

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