Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Fundraiser for Matt Johnson

A few weeks ago I found out that some of my dear friends from Hawaii had been thrown quite a curveball. Matt was diagnosed with stage 3c-4a melanoma. His wife, my dear friend Sunshine, is 8 months pregnant with their 3rd child and I can't even imagine the pain their sweet little family is going through. He has started chemo and has had to stop working because he is so ill. I can only imagine the financial stress this has placed on them and they just shouldn't have to deal with that side of it while trying to fight for his life. 
There has been a blog set up for donations and you can visit it here to find out more if you would like. 

I have been so heartbroken for them since I found out and I have been trying to come up with something I could do to help! 
How do you help in a situation like this?
I have offered as much love as I can but I want to do more!


I've decided to offer what I'd like to call 'quick sittings' :) 

For a minimum of 40 dollars (you can donate more if you'd like) you will get a 30 minute sitting and a cd of your edited pictures. 

100% of the proceeds will go to help Matt and Sunshine in their battle. 

So....if you've been needing to update your babies pictures or want a few family snapshots for the wall...
well then nows the time! 

Not only will you get awesome new pictures but you will be donating to a good cause :) 


This offer is good until June. 
Regular sittings at full price are still available. 

*the sittings can consist of-
single portraits
babies (only one)^
families (only one family group)^

^there would be an additional 40 dollar charge and 30 minute sitting for each extra family grouping or additional children/person